Larysa Bernhardt

Larysa Bernhardt is a textile artist; she's been sewing for as long as she can remember, and the textile sculptures she creates are shy creatures, naive and nostalgic. They're night dwellers and storytellers. She sources fabrics all over the world, and when they come, sometimes smelling of coffee and spices, sometimes of old books and lavender, well, she knows there's a story.

The Missouri-based artist uses found materials with distinct vintage designs to inspire her textile moth sculptures. The idea for this unlikely partnership came from Bernhardt's longtime fascination with nostalgic textiles. To ensure they stay in good condition, she habitually checks for moth larvae in the folds of the cloth. This ritual triggered the idea of merging the delicate cloth fabric with its natural “enemy.” As a result, the artist also discovered a new love and appreciation for the winged insect and says she is inspired by the way moths tirelessly and fearlessly reach for the...

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