Lix North

Lix North's work explores her internal landscape and its reflection in the world around her.

She has always turned to self-portraiture as the modality through which she feels she can best express her concepts. Each work, each incarnation of self, explores her journey in a genetically compromised body through an increasingly toxic world. 

Her compositions are carefully contrived; from the design/construction of elaborate props (eg. the Monocular, Battle Headdress, Respirator) to palette choice and key conceptual elements. She loves the interplay between contemplative space and ornate detail, the juxtaposition of the commonplace with the wonderfully strange.

There is a dichotomy between the warrior and the acutely vulnerable that often underpins her representation of self. Hers is a world where bold female archetypes, DNA mutations, pop culture fascinations and psychological machinations collide in a timeless grasp for identity that bestrides the bounds of the ordinary.

Lix cites a childhood in the stunning isolation of New Zealand’s hill country as the catalyst...

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