Lo Chan Peng

Lo Chan Peng, a Taiwan-born artist (b. 1983), masterfully navigates the realms of oil painting, ink, and mixed media, specializing in evocative portraiture. His works explore temporal themes, bridging life and death, underpinned by historical narratives. Using elements of wear, damage, and stains, Peng gives form to abstract concepts like time, crafting a unique artistic language. His subjects, etched with indescribable expressions, depict the dance of history and those shaped by it. Peng believes this purity in his art stems from personal experiences, embodying the quest of great artists throughout history. His skilful exploration of these themes presents a powerful visual tapestry, captivating audiences worldwide. His works feature in gallery collections across the USA, Taipei, Taiwan and Japan and he has won numerous awards, including ARC Collection Award from the Art Renewal Center in the United States, the ARC Best Popular Award from the Art Renewal Center in the United States (2020) and The Chi-Mei Art Cultivation Awards.

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