Martha Iserman

Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota and residing in Australia, Martha Iserman is a watercolour artist showing in galleries across the US and Australia whilst also working as a science illustrator with works featured in numerous scientific publications, museums, journals, textbooks and educational websites. 

Her paintings are inspired by interpretations of familiar scenes from nature but breathe new life into relationships between flora and fauna through a hyper-focused lens. A patch of mushrooms becomes a city of intertwining stems and gills. An unassuming grasshopper becomes a magnificent flying creature. Iserman is most interested in creating worlds within worlds by depicting familiar organisms in unfamiliar ways.

Finding the beauty in complex overlapping stories and visuals, Iserman creates her own interpretation from existing systems in history, language and nature. She finds motivation from fossil collections, mycology, folklore, natural history museums, terrariums, esoteric traditions,...

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