Masao Kinoshita

As a kid, Masao Kinoshita was fascinated by images of muscle men brought by American TV, these fit very well with his other passion, manga robots. After graduating in Fine Art and Art History, this talented Japanese artist, looking for the perfect medium to express his limitless imagination, discovered sculpture and decided to give it his very own touch.

Kinoshita’s creations are made from FRP (fibre-reinforced plastic) cast into a mold of plaster, after creating a prototype in clay. The FRP sculpture is then filed to find the perfect final shape and coloured with oil paint and pencils.

His sculptures vary from Hindu gods and Ancient Japanese characters to kitsch children's toys and figures evocative of manga characters, naked or even skinned like medicine students écorchés. In hieratic yet lively postures, the anthropomorphic creatures display a surprising sexual power and humorous beauty. Watching the work of Masao Kinoshita is like witnessing a new cosmogony, the birth...

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