Mei Mei

Mei Mei is the nom de guerre of London based artist Marta Corada. Originally from La Rioja, Spain, she studied Fine Art & Photography at the Universities of Salamanca & Barcelona. Originally working in photography and photomontage, Corada adopted the name Mei Mei in 2016 to reflect a new facet of her practice as she began creating fantastical wool sculptures.

Mei Mei's sculpture practice seeks to find a balance between the dualities of innocence and darkness - the divine and the animal, grounded in the earth. Her work pays homage to the combination of kindness and darkness intrinsic to human nature.

An interest in myth, symbolism and divine beings from different cultures has always informed Mei Mei's work. Collecting rare objects and dolls has been a part of her creative process, and she likes to include them in her work. Her interest is in the resulting contrast between the object with its own history and the softness, tactility and warmth of felted...

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