Paul Neberra - Mistaken Memories

Mistaken Memories is an exhibition of new paintings by Paul Neberra exploring the nature of memory: is it reliable, or do we create fictions from partial memories?

The opening reception has been cancelled due to COVID-19 but we are pleased to announce that we have opened this show online instead! You can walk through our gallery virtually and view all the pieces installed in this show in high resolution from the comfort of home. 

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Both Paul Neberra's Mistaken Memories & Dark Art 2020 will be on view from April 4th to April 26th.

Neberra notes that while he can recall several events with clarity, there are details that make him doubt some memories, leading him to this question: what if all those past images are only fictions created by his own mind to comfort him, to give him a feeling of belonging? Memories of events experienced alone are...

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