Peter Gric

Peter Gric (Austria) started to discover the possibilities of computer graphics for his paintings in the early nineties, realising his organic-surreal visual imagery was enriched by complex architectural structures. In place of using pencil and sketchbook, he began to design his compositions with 3D visualization software. This method is most obvious in his Artificial Spaces series. These paintings are based on three-dimensional geometrics built with mathematical and algorithmic concepts. The creation of these images plays with complex spaces and perspectives in order to explore inaccessible places in a completely artificial arrangements of space and light. In addition to his Artificial Spaces, Gric also experiments with the human nude combined with mineral, technoid and architectural structures. Despite the fact that the bodies of this “Mnemosyne” and “Gynoid” series are often dissolved and fragmented, he willingly obtains or even emphasizes the erotic component. In 1993, Peter earned a Master’s degree in Fine Arts. Gric has also worked on Concept Design...

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