Pickled Circus

Based in the UK, Matthew Roby, also known as “Pickled Circus”, showcases a wondrous menagerie of misfits, monsters and marvels through their exploration of painting, illustration, and sculpture. Roby can be best described as a vivid storyteller, with a wild imagination that knows no boundaries. Renowned for his distinctive dark blend of weird and wonderful, Matt muses that being born on Friday the 13th possibly influenced his signature style of twisted noir, which he describes as, "a pickled circus of glittering grandiose gloom".

Working in pencil, ink, watercolour, acrylic and clay, he elevates outcasts and underdogs, beauties and beasts. Each creation usually has a story to tell and is often sprinkled with dark humour, wild romanticism and sometimes a sense of pathos.

Over the years Matt’s artwork has found its unique niche in the Pop Surrealism movement. Both amusing and enchanting...

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