QimmyShimmy - Still Life

After a brief hiatus, QimmyShimmy goes back to basics, exploring a subject matter that has started many artistic journeys -  still life fruits!

Opening reception: Saturday July 20th, 6 - 9pm. Drinks will be provided by our friends at Better Beer.

This exhibition will run from July 21st - August 11th and will coincide with Olga Esther's 'Gaia: Seeds of Peace', Kristen Egan's 'Dark Salt Water', Gustavo Rimada's 'Folklórico' and Julia A. Rich's 'Soft Place'.

Just as fruits come from the wombs of plants, they also give and nourish life through flesh and seeds. So why can't fruits also contain traces of *human life*, in all its messy glory? 'Still Life' aims to celebrate the life-giving nature of fruits...

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