Rachel Perrin

Rachel Perrin is a Melbourne based artist. Her work asks the question, ‘Is there an essence of someone that may be captured?’ Through drawing, painting and burning, she aims to tap into a person’s sense of self, so that the end response of the subject to the finished work is as important as her own understanding.

Conceptually she is interested in the sitter’s response to his or her own painted likeness, in the value we still place on the artist’s process, and in how it feels and what it means to the subject to be painted.

Mark making and materiality are important, and she works constantly to find new ways of representing gesturally what she sees and feels. The combinations of mediums used are unique to the sitter: usually oil, ink and charcoal over burning on raw materials.

There is a quiet about her work despite its scale, layering, texture and complexity: and careful contemplation and recognition of the...

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