Ross Jaylo – Phantasm

Phantasm is an exhibition of new oil paintings by Ross Jaylo. In his latest écorché showcase, Jaylo aspires to introspection, transparency, and authenticity. In this series, Jaylo explores the use of transparency, an aspect new to his work. The show’s principal piece, Spectre, succinctly illustrates his love for the genre and furthers it from previous and typical applications. As a member of a family of artists, Jaylo recognizes the value of introspection: coming to terms with one’s aspirations, roots, and real self, which underlie the different person one shows to the world—like bone beneath skin and flesh.

Opening Saturday, January 12, from 6pm – 9pm. Free entry. Exhibition runs from January 13 to February 3 and runs alongside Stuart Amos’ solo show, Urban Metamorphosis.

Ross Jaylo (United States), a New York-based Filipino painter and multi-media...

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