Sensory Garden - New Works by Adrian Cox

Beinart Gallery invites you to enter Sensory Garden, a new series of oil paintings by Adrian Cox. Walk through landscapes “peopled” by Border Creatures, humanoid beings who are part of their environment, formed from plant matter and minerals.

Delight in and engage with these creatures, brought to life and light through rich color and sensitivity by Cox in these paintings in which the line between natural and unnatural, between animate and inanimate, between human and inhuman is blurred. This is Cox’s first solo exhibition in Australia.

Interview with Adrian Cox.

Opening reception: Saturday, June 3rd, from 6–9 pm. Free entry. Adrian Cox will be in attendance. This exhibition runs until June 25th.

Adrian Cox’s Sensory Garden presents a glimpse into the lives of the Border Creatures, a race of hybrid beings that inhabit the lush wilderness of the Borderlands. In this exhibition, Cox...

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