Small Works 2023

Small Works 2023 is Beinart Gallery's eighth annual group exhibition, unveiling a stunning array of new, small-scale artworks by more than 90 accomplished artists!

Opening reception: Saturday, September 16th, 6 - 9pm. Drinks will be provided by our friends at Jetty Road Brewery and Malocchio.

This exhibition will run from Sept 17th - Oct 8th.

This highly anticipated showcase features a blend of established artists whose work you've admired for years, along with an array of exciting new talents making their debut at the Gallery.

The realm of small works holds immense promise for both creators and collectors alike. For artists, this scale opens avenues to explore novel themes, while collectors have the chance to acquire affordable gems, whether from longstanding favourites or equally skilled yet lesser known artists, poised on the cusp of wider acclaim.

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