Stephen Ives

Stephen Ives (Melbourne, Australia) is a bricoleur. He creates his work from a meta pile of toys, junk, found objects, model kits and malleable extras such as polymer clays and aluminium. He organizes his ideas similarly, a collision of thoughts, feelings, current and past ideas, history and popular culture. Concepts are edited and refined and materials are collected, cut, morphed, distorted and eventually brought together in an homogenous whole that is both a thought form and a candy apple treat.

Ives was born in England in 1970 to an Australian mother and English father. He lived on the outskirts of the historic town of Lewes before coming to Australia when he was 12. Most of his childhood was spent in a large pile of Lego creating whatever he could imagine or running around on the South Downs having adventures. As a teenager, he practiced drawing as well as making model tanks and planes.

He has been practicing and exhibiting his work in Melbourne since his mid-20’s. He has also exhibited in galleries in London, Paris, Brussels, New York, Santa Fe and Copenhagen.

His work has been bought by collectors in Australia, England and Germany as well as some of the foremost art collectors in Denmark, including Christian Stadil (Thornico, Hummel Sport), Lars Christian Brask (EFG International) and the Danske Bank.

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