Stephen Ives Retrospective

Beinart Gallery presents a retrospective of bricolage sculptures by Stephen Ives. The works selected cover 2011 to the present, including time he spent living, working and exhibiting in Europe as well as his recent solo exhibitions at Backwoods Gallery (Melbourne, Australia.) While his earlier work featured high-quality finishes and smooth assimilation of objects, in his later work, he has sought a more expressive, immediate style. Throughout, his concepts have remained solid, connecting the pieces in the retrospective like veins through the body.

Opening reception: Saturday, February 17, from 6–9 pm. Free entry. Stephen will be in attendance.

This exhibition runs from February 18 to March 4 and runs alongside Tim Molloy solo show, Strange Parades.

Stephen Ives (Melbourne, Australia) is a bricoleur: he creates his work from a meta pile of toys, junk, found objects, model kits and malleable extras such as polymer clays and aluminium. He organises his ideas similarly, a collision of thoughts, feelings,...

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