To End An Echo – Jon Jaylo solo exhibition and a guest curated group show

Beinart Gallery presents To End An Echo, a solo exhibition of new paintings by Jon Jaylo and If Our Own Words Fail Us, a group exhibition curated by Jon Jaylo featuring works by Linnea Strid, Olan Ventura, Daniel dela Cruz, Rain Delmar, Welbart, Rodrigo Cifuentes, Henry Royales, Ross Jaylo and Fernan Odang.

Opening reception: Saturday, March 11 from 6-9pm.

Exhibition runs from March 12 to April 2.

Jon Jaylo (Philippines/USA) studied fine arts at college in the Philippines before he began his career as a painter in earnest. As Jon spent more time trying to find his own identity in the world of art, he saw himself veering towards surrealism. He fell in love with the symbolism and how illogical it could look at first glance. Jon’s works, though whimsical and full of symbolism, are infused with real stories from his own experiences. The narratives in Jon’s work provide...

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