Tokyo Jesus

Tokyo Jesus, born Sayu, is a Japan-based artist known for his unique blend of Eastern and Western perspectives in his artwork. Having relocated multiple times during his childhood, Sayu was deeply influenced by his experiences in a secluded town in Okayama Prefecture, where he developed a profound connection with nature. This connection is evident in his art, which often explores themes of human desires, universal values, and life and death, all underpinned by the Animism philosophy and the Yaoyorozu belief that every object has a spirit.

In response to the limitations of reaching a global audience with singular art pieces, Tokyo Jesus expanded his artistry to include art toys, mini-busts, and drawing studies. The COVID-19 pandemic further emphasised the importance of these smaller, more accessible art forms, and from 2023 onwards, he renewed his dedication to creating sculptures, drawings, paintings, and other significant individual art pieces. Currently, Tokyo Jesus works daily in...

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