Tom Christophersen

Tom Christophersen is a Sydney based, Queer performer and visual artist. Both fearful of and transfixed by beauty and death, it is primarily the merging of these two themes which permeate the hyper-realistic, almost surrealistic, often dark portraits and films he produces.

Christophersen aims to bring focus back to portraiture that is of a level of detail it demands an intimate level of engagement from the viewer. Working almost exclusively on watercolour paper with watercolour pencil and acrylic, Tom hopes his traditional, technical approach to drawing and painting provide a fresh, immediate offering to portraiture and indeed representation of the self. The figures and themes within Tom’s work are often autobiographical and based on real life experiences.

Tom Christophersen’s artistic intention has always been to make images that create the necessary disturbances in order to provoke permanent, positive change.

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