Troy Coulterman – Watching, Waiting

Watching, Waiting is an exhibition of new sculptures by Troy Coulterman, inspired by the art of Hergé, the creator of TinTin. In 2017 Troy Coulterman attended an exhibition of Hergé's work. The simplicity of his characters, the colour palette, the imagery and the fantastical stories revived Coulterman's childhood fondness for his work and inspired this series. Coulterman set out to sculpt characters as if they were about to embark on some type of quest. All the sculptures look out into the unknown, ready for whatever may come. The forms and shapes that extend, surround or encase these characters are meant to intensify the urgency of their quest.

Opening night: Saturday, February 9, from 6pm – 9pm. Free entry.

This exhibition runs from February 10 to March 3 and runs alongside the solo shows: Alex Garant’s 3AM Rococo & Brian Cheung’s Mass Behaviour.

Troy Coulterman crafts three-dimensional human figures in seductive colours, with exaggerated features and forms that are directly influenced from...

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