Unjust Contentment - Curated by Luke Barrett

Unjust Contentment is a group exhibition which explores whether the subjective experience of different emotional states is an absolute or relativistic phenomenon. This exhibition has been guest curated by Luke Barrett.

The opening reception has been cancelled due to COVID-19 but we are pleased to announce that we have opened this show online instead! You can walk through our gallery virtually and view all the pieces installed in this show in high resolution from the comfort of home.

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Focussing on the state of contentment, this exhibition will ask whether an emotional state is experienced in the same way for all people or whether individual experiences of a particular emotional state are impacted by their earlier emotional experiences.  Is ‘contentment’ a desirable state only for those who have experienced dissatisfaction or some emotional turmoil in the past? Can that same feeling of contentment be experienced as a compromise and settling for the lowest common denominator...

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