Weave - New Paintings by Ben Howe

Weave is a new series of oil paintings by internationally renowned Australian artist Ben Howe. This exhibition brings together themes of mortality, isolation, longing, melancholy and loss and sits somewhere between the physical constraints of reality and the anarchic realm of the subconscious.

These paintings draw from gothic motifs, fairy tales and archaic tropes to explore broader issues relating to the physical and subjective self within contemporary society.

Interview with Ben Howe.

Opening reception: Saturday, Sep 23th, 6pm – 9pm. Free entry! Ben Howe will be in attendance. Exhibition runs until Oct 15.

Ben Howe (Australia) was born in London. Over the course of nearly two decades, he has explored the nature of consciousness, his own personal history and the incongruities of memory through his artwork in a career which has taken him to England, Germany, China and the USA. He holds a Master of Fine Art...

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