Wes Benscoter

Wes is an American artist, firmly established in the world of "rock art" and synonymous with the pulsating energy of heavy metal. Wes established his reputation in the mid-1990’s creating memorable album cover art for the legendary Slayer and Relapse Records, soon extending his artistic reach to other major bands, including AC/DC, Black Sabbath, and Cattle Decapitation.
Apart from his iconic album covers, Wes's repertoire includes distinctive book covers, DVD/Blu-ray art, and magazine illustrations, notably the Spectrum Award-winning cover for Your Flesh magazine #42. His richly detailed and saturated art pulsates with heavy metal iconography—skulls, demons, and nightmarish figures cloaked in darkness. His roster of clients is as impressive as his artwork, including heavyweights such as Warner Bros., Sony, Rhino Records, Ubi Soft, Metal Blade Records, and Harper Collins. Wes continues to create from his Pennsylvania base, persisting in his unique exploration of the morbid arts.

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