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Beinart Collective

The Beinart Collective is an international network of highly skilled figurative artists with a shared fascination for strange and imaginative themes. Over the years we have published books, curated group shows and maintained a strong online presence. Our featured artists are listed below.

  • Maria Teicher

    Maria Teicher

    Maria Teicher (United States) blends historical and personal symbolism in her narrative paintings.

  • Mike Worrall

    Mike Worrall

    Mike Worrall’s (England) enigmatic, dreamlike paintings are often inspired by historical themes. His work is also influenced by his experience working in the film industry.

  • Paul Rumsey

    Paul Rumsey

    Paul Rumsey (England) works in the tradition of Grotesque Art, from Bruegel and Archimboldo to Goya. He uses disturbing and ambiguous metaphorical imagery to describe the world we live in.

  • Richard A. Moore III

    Richard A. Moore III

    Richard A. Moore III (United States) creates classically styled sculptures with a contemporary surrealist twist.

  • H.R. Giger

    H. R. Giger

    H. R. Giger (Switzerland) is famous for his Biomechanical artwork as well as the terrifying life forms and otherworldly environments he designed for the classic film, ALIEN.

  • Ray Caesar

    Ray Caesar

    Ray Caesar’s (Canada) bizarre digital artworks look as though they have been painted in oils. His hallucinatory images of young pale women are classically opulent and strangely subversive.

  • Henrik Aarrestad Uldalen

    Henrik Uldalen

    Henrik Uldalen’s (Norway) atmospheric paintings of delicate floating figures are infused with dark themes such as existentialism, nihilism, longing and loneliness.

  • Eric Fortune

    Eric Fortune

    Eric Fortune (United States) uses emotionally complex metaphors in his lyrical, haunting, yet poignant paintings.

  • Eric White

    Eric White

    Eric White’s (United States) nostalgic paintings reveal distorted cinematic imagery through a psychedelic lens.

  • Ernst Fuchs

    Ernst Fuchs

    Ernst Fuchs (Austria) co-founded the Vienna School of Fantastic Realism. He revived the Mischtechnik (mixed technique) by using egg tempera, oils and resin to achieve a layered jewel-like effect in his paintings.

  • Robert Williams

    Robert Williams

    Robert Williams (United States) is a celebrated painter and underground comic artist. He founded Juxtapoz Magazine and popularised the term “Lowbrow” in 1979 with the release of his ground breaking book “The Lowbrow Art of Robt Williams.”

  • Kate MacDowell

    Kate MacDowell

    Kate MacDowell (United States) explores environmental themes such as climate change, GM crops, pollution and our dying ecosystem with her hand made porcelain sculptures.

  • Naoto Hattori

    Naoto Hattori

    Naoto Hattori’s (Japan) psychedelic paintings are created spontaneously and unravel like a stream of consciousness from his mind. He tries not to over analyse or censor his work.

  • Kevin Kirkpatrick

    Kevin Kirkpatrick

    Kevin Kirkpatrick (United States) works on blockbuster films as a special makeup effects artist. He has also created a number of personal artworks, including life-like prosthetic models of Beavis and Butt-Head.

  • Tomasz Alen Kopera

    Tomasz Alen Kopera

    Tomasz Alen Kopera (Poland) is inspired by human nature and the mysteries of the Universe. He explores both light and dark themes in his thought provoking paintings.

  • Lucia Mocnay

    Lucia Mocnay

    Lucia Mocnay (Australia) creates ethical anthropomorphic taxidermy, crossing disciplines such as sewing, sculpture, taxidermy, millinery and antiquing to create her artworks.

  • Tristan Schane

    Tristan Schane

    Tristan Schane (United States) began his arts career as a Surrealist painter before moving on to paint and sculpt in a unique style that he refers to as Subversive Realism.

  • Rory Coyne

    Rory Coyne

    Rory Coyne (United States) creates allegorical realist paintings with tattooed therianthropic, or zoomorphic nudes. The symbolism in his work stems from personal experiences.

  • Iris Schieferstein

    Iris Schieferstein

    Iris Schieferstein (Germany) is a taxidermy artist and fashion designer. She is best known for her controversial shoes made from horse hooves, guns, stuffed doves and snake bodies.

  • Jose Luis Lopez Galvan

    José Luis López Galván

    José Luis López Galván (Mexico) uses symbolism and anthropomorphism to explore themes such as death, fear and hypocrisy in his figurative paintings.

  • Jeremy Enecio

    Jeremy Enecio

    Jeremy Enecio (United States) explores both macabre and ethereal themes in his beautiful atmospheric paintings.

  • Stephanie Henderson

    Stephanie Henderson

    Stephanie Henderson (United States) uses symbolism to convey multiple layers of meaning in her paintings, with intimate and philosophical implications.

  • Rodrigo Cifuentes

    Rodrigo Cifuentes

    Rodrigo Cifuentes (Mexico) analyses the dichotomy of the Latin American myth and the American dream in his work.

  • André Martins de Barros

    André Martins de Barros

    André Martins de Barros (France) explores a broad range of themes from nature and beauty to apocalyptic visions with his fantastic trompe-l’oeil paintings.

  • Heidi Taillefer

    Heidi Taillefer

    Heidi Taillefer’s (Canada) bizarrely detailed paintings are influenced by classical figurative art, Surrealism, mythology, Romanticism and science fiction.

  • Ville Lopponen

    Ville Löppönen

    Ville Löppönen (Finland) likens his painting process to the spiritual practice of ascetic monks. His dark theological paintings reveal the true nature of his soul.

  • Gail Potocki

    Gail Potocki

    Gail Potocki (United States) conducts wild seances on canvas. She paints powerful esoteric portraits from the occult underworld of the 21st century.

  • De Es Schwertberger

    De Es Schwertberger

    De Es Schwertberger (Austria) is best known for his Stone Period, in which he painted figures and objects made from cracked stone.

  • Peter Ferguson

    Peter Ferguson

    Peter Ferguson (Canada) paints bizarre imagery with a strong sense of narrative.

  • Maura Holden

    Maura Holden

    Maura Holden (United States) is a Visionary Artist who draws and paints detailed psychedelic landscapes inhabited by spirits and supernatural beings.

  • Billy Norrby

    Billy Norrby

    Billy Norrby (United States) worked in the video game industry before pursuing a career as a fine artist. His hyper-realistic style is reminiscent of the Neo-Raphaelites.

  • Jeff Jacobson

    Jeff Jacobson

    Jeff Jacobson’s (United States) paintings juxtapose realistic figures with otherworldly organisms. He is known for his large spray-painted urban murals.

  • Rodney Wood

    Rodney Wood

    Rodney Wood’s (United States) dark metaphorical paintings are imbued with a sense of beauty, spirituality, mystery and complexity.