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Creature: A Group Art Exhibition

Creature - Hannah Faith Yata

beinArt Gallery presents “Creature,” a group exhibition of new works featuring a host of bizarre creatures. From whimsically adorable hybrids to the type of ghastly beastie no one would want to encounter in a dream, these creatures are sure to capture the imagination of any viewer.


OPENING NIGHT: Saturday, July 1, from 6–9 pm. FREE ENTRY. This exhibition runs until July 23.

PARTICIPATING ARTISTS: Hannah Yata, Naoto Hattori, Jim McKenzie, Jean Pierre Arboleda, Robert Steven Connett, Laurie Hogin, Heidi Taillefer, Tim Molloy, Susanne Apgar, Ross Jaylo Art, Ross Vaughan, Melissa Hartley, Kim Evans, Fergus Dupleix and Courtney Brims.

CONTACT US for enquiries.


Complimentary wine will be available at the opening. For those wanting a non-alcoholic option, we will also have drinks provided by Remedy Kombucha.

Below are a few sneak peek images of works for this exhibition.

Jim McKenzie

“King Gordo Pink Bust” by Jim McKenzie – Painted resin & epoxy clay sculpture for “Creature”

Two WIP paintings by Jean-Pierre Arboleda for "Creature"

Two WIP paintings by Jean-Pierre Arboleda for “Creature”

"Vanitas" - Acrylic painting by Robert Steven Connett for "Creature"

“Vanitas” – Acrylic painting by Robert Steven Connett for “Creature”

"Winter is Coming" - Oil painting by Laurie Hogin for "Creature"

“Winter is Coming” – Oil painting by Laurie Hogin for “Creature”

Tim Molloy

One of three epic Strange Parade watercolour pieces by Tim Molloy for “Creature”

Courtney Brims

“Cuscus with North Queensland Day Moth” – coloured pencil drawing by Courtney Brims for “Creature”


One Comment on “Creature: A Group Art Exhibition

  1. Magnificent works! I love the attention to detail and biodiversity.

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