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Dr Sketchy’s Anti-Art School “Baby Got Back” at beinArt Gallery

Dr Sketchies | Miss Jane Doe | Bobby Ruckus

Miss Jane Doe from Baby Got Back. Photo by Bobby Ruckus

Booty, butts, big butts, fat-bottomed girls, junk in the trunk, parody of the patootie!

Dr Sketchy’s returned to Melbourne with a sold out session at beinArt Gallery last month. So how do we follow that up?!

With a whole lotta booty!

In August Miss Jane Doe and the one and only Frankie Valentine bring the booty…


The Accolade to ASS!

Frankie Valentine and Vesper White created Baby Got Back as a celebration of everything ASS; a tribute to toosh, a dedication to derriere! A dance party for fellow backside worshippers to show off the junk in their trunk, and revel in stage performances of the best booty dancers from the east coast of Australia.

And at Dr Sketchy’s we are going to get to continue the worship and draw some of the best butts in town.

WHEN: Sunday 14 August 5pm – 7pm. Doors at 4.45pm
WHERE: beinArt Gallery, 1 Sparta Place, Brunswick VIC 3056, Australia



***** Please note art monkeys we have REDUCED the capacity to make sure everyone is comfy! This will mean tickets will sell sooner! *****

Dr Sketchy’s is the world’s premier alternative drawing movement. Whether you’re an artstar or a scribbling newbie, Dr. Sketchys is the perfect place to get your fill of drawing fun.

Bringing together students, amateurs and professionals into one space to socialize and create together!

Harxest Mag describes the event as “a room full of friendly people, an appreciation for art, beautiful models, unreal costumes and a truck load of fun times.”

We have teamed up with the wonderfully curious and strange beinArt Gallery. Ushering in the New Contemporary art movement to Australia, beinArt Gallery are passionate about raising the profiles of Australian artists to an international stage. Aiming to foster a sense of community in which these artists will flourish, beinArt Gallery delights in sharing their work and hope that by viewing the journeys of these artists, those who light upon them will be inspired.

Dr. Sketchy has been a boon to the art scene since its inception, promoting creativity and community in every city that runs one. A wildly inclusive event– young and old, those who have drawn before, and those who have never picked up a pencil, this is the perfect place to get your fill of drawing fun.

Like Kurt Vonnegut said “practising an art, no matter how well or how badly is a way to make your soul grow”.


EMAIL: hello(at)drsketchymelbourne(dot)com

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  1. Awesome blog.. I really appreciate your skills. Thank you for sharing such beautiful story.

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