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Gerard Geer – Bloom

Gerard Geer - Bloom

Bloom is an exhibition of new bone sculptures by Gerard Geer.


In Bloom, Geer explores the relationships between plants and animals, in terms of both form and function, with a series of intricate sculptures created from animal bones. This is Geer’s second solo show at the gallery.

Nature takes the central focus as flowers, grasses, and fungi spring up from fertile landscapes. Growing out of crystallised animal remains, they reclaim and redistribute the energies. The creatures in this collection act as pollinators and work in harmony with both the plants and each other to proliferate. Delicate flowers, made with repeating sequences of bone, mirror the shapes and structures from which their nutrients are derived.

This collection considers these intricate relationships, and the title reflects the blooming of both the flowers and the relationships between the animals that feed from them.

OPENING NIGHT: Saturday, October 6, from 6pm – 9pm. Free entry. Gerard Geer will be in attendance.

This exhibition runs from October 6 to October 28 and runs alongside Sam Yong’s solo show, Crucible.

Complimentary wine will be available at the opening. For those wanting a non-alcoholic option, we will also have drinks provided by Remedy Kombucha.

'Bloom' - Bone sculpture by Gerald Geer.

‘Bloom’ – Bone sculpture by Gerald Geer.

Gerard Geer merges creativity with chemistry and anatomy in his artistic practice. His fascination with biological processes and all things anatomical is integral to his work. Geer utilises a combination of naturalistic articulation of animal specimens and amalgamations of interspecific forms to create fantastical hybrid creatures and intricate landscapes. Geer is self-taught in all of the techniques he uses in creating his artworks. On the rare occasions he is not working towards his degree or creating new pieces, he teaches Australia’s first and only skeletal articulation classes.

PHONE+61 3 9939 3681

CONTACT US for enquiries.

WHEREBeinart Gallery | 1 Sparta Place | Brunswick | VIC 3056 | Australia

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