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NEW beinArt Collective website!

Christian Rex van Minnen

“Red & Green” – Painting by Christian Rex van Minnen.

I’m extremely excited to finally announce the launch of the beinArt Collective’s new and improved website! has undergone are a number of significant changes. The old site had grown into a monster over the years and I lacked the time or resources to keep it up to date. So, I have dramatically decreased the number of featured artists. At it’s peak, the old site had over 500 featured artists! I have cut this number down to around 200 and instead of hosting galleries for each artist, I have linked directly to their websites where you can see their most recent work. In reducing the number of featured artists, I have fine tuned the selection so that it is more representative of my personal taste, which has evolved since I first launched the collective in 2003.

My time has become even more precious since I became a father almost two years ago, so I have had to simplify this project. By simplifying it, I believe I have also made the website much more user friendly.

I am still very passionate about promoting strange and imaginative figurative art and will continue to add new artists to the site at a more gradual and sustainable pace. I will also be publishing a series of exclusive interviews with the featured artists. The first interview will be with Christian Rex van Minnen (who painted the incredible image to the left) and will be posted soon.

I hope you enjoy our new website!

All the best,
Jon Beinart

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