Transmogrify - Ben Howe, Tim Molloy & Jake Hempson Exhibition

Transmogrify - Ben Howe | Jake Hempson | Tim Molloy @ beinArt Gallery

Beinart Gallery presents Transmogrify, a three person exhibition of oil paintings, watercolours & sculptures that reconstruct and subvert the human form.

Transmogrify features Ben Howe’s hyper-realistic, yet reductive oil paintings, Jake Hempson’s sculptural explorations of figures and bone and Tim Molloy’s psychedelic apocalyptic watercolour paintings and sculptures. Tim will be launching and signing copies of his new graphic novel, Mr Unpronounceable and the Infinity of Nightmares at the opening reception.

When: Opens June 25, 6pm – 9pm. Runs until July 19.


Jake Hempson
"Unseen Brothers" - sculpture by Jake Hempson


Jake Hempson (Australia) is a Zimbabwean born multi­disciplinary artist, specialising in sculptural works based on the natural forms of bones as a memento vita, which hark back to a post colonial childhood in Africa. His digital practice is firmly supported by traditional techniques merged with photos of bones which are incorporated into the final piece. During the translation of found objects into digital artwork there are sometimes errors in the capturing and conversion process. Jake finds these captured imperfections fascinating, suggesting they reveal the true nature of the object in it's new medium and are important in giving each artwork a sense of authenticity which can then be shaped by the hand of the artist. Jake explains, ‘the works are an exploration of memento vita (memento of life).­ It’s a way to re-experience my childhood fascination with the remains of life. I want to evangelise the beauty of bones, without its associations with the macabre. When I first started my explorations of these forms I initially mislabelled my work memento mori, but through my practice I have realised that my explorations of bones are not a fascination with death, but a fascination with what is the structure of life, as bones hold us together, they are the most resilient structures of us.’­­


Ben Howe WIP painting
Ben Howe working on an oil painting for Transmogrify


Ben Howe (Australia) is an Australian artist who was born in London. Over the course of nearly two decades, he has explored the nature of consciousness, his own personal history and the incongruities of memory through his artwork, in a career which has taken him to England, Germany, China and the USA. He holds a Masters of Fine Art (with Distinction) from RMIT and is the recipient of numerous grants, international residencies and fellowships. Action, isolation and refraction surface as thematic currents in the practice of an artist whose work functions as a platform for broader considerations relating to the physical and subjective self within contemporary society. Ben has developed a signature quasi-scientific aesthetic that is at once hyper-realistic yet reductive. His, at times, stark and lonely works are often derived from preliminary explorations in other media such as sculpture, photography and film; his process distorting the boundaries of the real and the perceived.Tim Molloy "They All Float" - Watercolour painting by Tim Molloy.tim-molloy-Mr-Unpronouncable-and-the-Infinity-of-Nightmares-book Tim Molloy's new graphic novel

Tim Molloy (New Zealand) makes weird art, mostly in the form of comics and watercolour paintings. He is inspired by the occult, religion, horror, science fiction, psychedelia and a lifetime of bizarre dreams. Tim’s work is an ever-expanding and interconnected web of strange images and tales ­soaked heavily in delusion, confusion and a general sense of unease and in which gags and tentacles cavort and writhe in equal measure. Tim’s ‘Mr Unpronounceable’ books have garnered a cult following. 'Mr Unpronounceable and the Sect of the Bleeding Eye' won Best Graphic Novel at the Aurealis Awards in 2015 and his his self-righteous, delusional 'Necromancer' has won him multiple Ledger Awards in Australia. Tim has also featured as a panellist at various writers festivals, including The Ubud Readers and Writers Festival in Bali.

Tim was born in New Zealand, but now calls Melbourne home, where he lives with his wife and son.

Tim will be launching his latest tome, ‘Mr Unpronounceable and the Infinity of Nightmares’ (published by Milk Shadow Books) at the opening reception of Transmogrify, and will be available to sign and sketch in purchased copies.

Where: Beinart Gallery / 1 Sparta Place, Brunswick, Melbourne, VIC 3056, Australia.