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Pre-order: Mr Unpronounceable and the Infinity of Nightmares – Tim Molloy

Tim Molloy Mr Unpronouncable and the Infinity of Nightmares book

Pre-orders are now available for Tim Molloy’s highly anticipated graphic novel, “Mr Unpronouncable and the Infinity of Nightmares”. All pre-ordered copies of this wonderfully nightmarish psychedelic book will be hand signed and come with a small original sketch by Tim Molloy. Order here!

This 190 page B/W softcover book will be released by Milk Shadow Books and launched at beinArt Gallery’s “Transmogrify” show (June 25), where Tim will be signing (and sketching in) copies. “Transmogrify” will be a 3 person exhibition with Ben Howe, Jake Hempson & Tim Molloy.

As reality itself dissolves in the tears of the Sect Of the Bleeding Eye, Mr Unpronounceable sets off on a multiverse-spanning quest to retrieve the Sacred Godstone

from its shrine on a distant planetoid. Meanwhile, The Synthetic Sorcerer has designs of his own, shadowing our hapless hero’s delirious journey across an increasingly warped spacetime continuum. Join Mr Unpronounceable, wandering Necromancer, in this third volume of his insane adventures from cult author, Tim Molloy.

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