Matt Black Wick Trimmer

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The black luxe Nocturna wick trimmer is a beautiful gift and must have candle tool. It is matte black with unique engraving.

Use the wick trimmer to carefully trim excess wick between burns. When you have extinguished your candle, allow it to cool. You will see your wick has a blackened tip. Trimming this away ensures the best, safest burn. If you ever notice your flame is too high, extinguish the candle, allow it to cool and trim the wick. A wick trimmer is an essential accessory for candle burners!

NOCTURNA is an Australian luxury lifestyle brand sourcing the finest, cruelty free ingredients.

NOCTURNA candles feature luminous glass filled with our eco friendly coconut and soy wax blend, laced with hypnotic perfumes enhanced with the rustic sound of a wooden wick. Hand poured in Australia.

NOCTURNA sources the finest fragrance oils to create our signature scents.

NOCTURNA is inspired by the beauty of nature and the mystery of night. Each uniquely themed candle in our signature range allows you to transform your room or living space into a distant, far away place, a mystic realm.

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