Michelle Avery Konczyk - "Poison For Your Heart" - watercolor on paper mounted on custom-cut wood panel, varnished

$4,950.00 AUD
$4,950.00 AUD
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Poison For Your Heart

Watercolor on paper mounted on custom-cut wood panel, varnished by Michelle Avery Konczyk (2024).

Artwork size when closed: 33 x 63.5 cm (13" x 25")

Artwork size when open: 64 x 63.5 cm (25.2" x 25")

The text on the centre panel of the artwork reads:

Fill your heart with poison and nothing can hurt you

1. Most who consume this believe the superstition that the blade only stabs those who mean to do harm but that is a lie. The flower stabs all its victims. except, of course, the leaf its side.
2. The filler-flowers may not seem deadly, but they will grow and grow until every crevice of your body is full and you can’t breathe
3. Once inside you, this spy will collect all of your secrets, all of which it will use against you. Disclaimer; this “friend” tells a rather twisted version of the story, don’t say I didn’t warn you.
4. Everyone who injests this dies differently, only one similar description has been documented; expect it to hurt in places you didn’t know you could feel pain (it crawls)
5. This one lets you believe it’s something it’s not. The flowers lure you close until it crawls its way into your insides, spreading its venom until you drop cold.
6. This babe watches your every move and monitors your every thought, it slowly drives you more and more mad from its constant judgment. I strongly advise against thinking or doing the “wrong thing”. There are no more details that are safe for me to share.
7. This poison is most often harmless when by its self, however, when paired with another poison, it can grow at an exponential rate, growing alongside and attaching to your veins, spreading the toxins until you slowly die.
8. Petals from a rose gifted from a lost love will slice your heart like blades, leaving your insides perpetually gashed open. The idea here is simple; no healing = never again

The right concoction will numb you, preventing you from having any feelings. Consume in small amounts. Choose wisely.

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