Robyn Grove - "Lametta" - Oil on canvas

$1,980.00 AUD
$1,980.00 AUD



Oil on canvas by Robyn Grove.

Painting size: 61 x 76.3 cm (24" x 30")

This is a portrait of Ruby Slippers. Ruby Slippers is the face and name behind some of Australia's most colourful and vibrant burlesque, drag and cabaret acts, swinging her role between performer, costumier and stylist. Ruby’s technicolour high-femme routines bring a sense of light and zany humour to the stage, as she incorporates unexpected props to her routine, such as the flaming lametta she holds in this portrait. Ruby was awarded Miss Burleque WA 2015, and is a chameleon of makeup and costume, with a truly exquisite sense of style. Rarely seen out of makeup and her amazing wardrobe, Ruby posed au naturel for this portrait, with just her lametta. 

Original Art