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Interview: Johnson Tsang

Johnson Tsang

The mind-bending sculptures of Johnson Tsang push the limits of imagination and sometimes even of gravity. By turns whimsical, lyrical, and provocative, his works capture the fluidity of both physical motion and human emotion while challenging us to see the world in a different way. “My works depicting babies were expressing my point of view to the world through the eyes of a child—my inner child.” —Johnson Tsang Julie Winters: Tell us how sculpture became

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Interview: Greg “Craola” Simkins

greg craola simkins

Greg “Craola” Simkins has a nickname to set him apart, but maybe that’s not needed: his versatility is enough to separate him from others. With a career that includes many years as a graffiti artist, a painter of beautifully rendered fine art pieces, and one who keeps his fingers in a variety of commercial art pursuits, including clothing, animation, toys, and album art, Simkins might well stand alone as a success on many artistic fronts.

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Interview: Travis Louie

Travis Louie

The old-fashioned portraits rendered by Travis Louie are decidedly unlike those which might hang in the home of one’s great-grandmother. A gentle-looking monster with delicate flowers sprouting from its head, conjoined one-eyed twins sharing a single suit, a woman posed with her improbably large pet damselfly, and similar characters have “sat” for Louie, who often provides parts of their stories through the written word as well. Louie’s portraits are alternately whimsical, disturbing, and poignant, the

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Interview: David Stoupakis

David Stoupakis

The work of David Stoupakis may look dark, but don’t let that fool you: in his mysterious paintings there is also tender hope and affirmation, exquisitely rendered with a quality that is at once realistic and dream-like. Stoupakis has irons in a few different creative fires as well, which means that his audience can never quite tell where his work will end up next! “For me, the work I do is a kind of therapy

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Interview: Scott G. Brooks

Scott G. Brooks

Scott G. Brooks noted not long ago, perhaps half-jokingly, that what most of his paintings have in common is “flesh.” And it’s true that flesh abounds in his work, but there is so much more: in his figurative art, Brooks incorporates technology, religious imagery, and even cartoonish animals into tableaus that explore sexual politics, domestic strife, the self, and occasionally politics at large. “I…think of myself as a very private person, though in this day

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Interview: Kikyz1313


The artwork of Kikyz1313 is a beautiful study of the grotesque in art. Her delicately rendered subject matter is initially easy on the eyes, but this aspect only acts as a lure. When her viewers fully take in her main subject matter of innocent children or animals, often in various states of disease and decomposition, an unresolvable contradiction occurs in their minds. Her artwork is stunningly uncomfortable, yet unbearably beautiful. Her concepts are not the

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