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Current Exhibition

Jon Jaylo Flyer

MAR 11 – APR 2: To End An Echo – Jon Jaylo solo exhibiton and a group exhibition guest curated by Jon – If Our Own Words Fail Us – featuring new works by Linnea Strid, Olan Ventura, Daniel dela Cruz, Rain Delmar, Welbart, Rodrigo Cifuentes, Henry Royales, Ross Jaylo and Fernan Odang. – PREVIEWPRESS RELEASE


Upcoming Exhibitions

APR 8 – APR 30: Stark Realism – Effie Pryer, Francien Krieg & Ville Löppönen – PRESS RELEASE

MAY 6 – MAY 28: Two solo exhibitions – Chimaephera – New bone sculptures by Gerard Geer & Ritual – New paintings & drawings by Sam Yong.

JUN 3 – JUN 25: Sensory Garden – Solo exhibition of new paintings  by Adrian Cox.

JUL 1 – JUL 23: Creature – A group exhibition featuring Hannah Faith Yata, Naoto Hattori, Jim McKenzie, Jean-pierre Arboleda, Robert Steven Connett, Laurie Hogin, Heidi Taillefer, Tim Molloy, Susanne Apgar, Ross Jaylo & Courtney Brims

JUL 29 – AUG 20: Small Works 2017 – A group exhibition featuring over 60 artists including: Shaun Tan, Laurie Lipton, Tiffany Bozic, Julia Deville, Henrik Aa. Uldalen, David Stoupakis, Naoto Hattori, Scott Scheidly, Charlie Immer, Amy Sol, Dan May, Johnson Tsang, Adipocere, Mahlimae, Alex Garant, Scott Radke, Matthew Grabelsky, John Brosio, Cinta Vidal, Ronit Baranga & Pamela Wilson.

AUG 26 – SEP 17: Dan Quintana, Miso, Elizabeth McGrath & Esao Andrews

SEP 23 – OCT 15: Ben Howe Solo Exhibition

OCT 21 – NOV 12: Beau White, Isabel Peppard & Jonathan Guthmann

NOV 18 – DEC 3: Jana Brike, Redd Walitzki, Ray Caesar & Rodrigo Luff.

DEC 9 – DEC 23 and JAN 6 – JAN 10Reliquaries – Group exhibition curated by Jean Labourdette. Featuring Shawn Barber, Mike Davis, Dan Witz, Peter Ferguson, El Gato Chimney & Jean Labourdette


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