Abigail Goldman

Upon first approach, Abigail Goldman’s carefully crafted dioramas look like something you would see in a history museum or hobbyist display with their neatly manicured green lawns and orderly arranged buildings complete with tiny people, tiny cars and other bespoke props. However, closer inspection reveals absurd mise-en-scenes of grotesque horror and often humourous violence with the viewer left to construct their own narrative in an attempt fill in the blanks. These ‘Dieoramas’ as they are aptly named are the product of Goldman’s life-long fascination with crime and the dark side of the human psyche.

Beginning her career as a newspaper crime reporter and then investigator for the Federal Public Defender in Las Vegas, USA, Goldman now works as an investigator for the Public Defender in Bellingham, Washington. Goldman initially began crafting her imaginary crime scenes in 2011 as a hobby and also as a way of decompressing and detaching from her day job....

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