Abigail Goldman - Everyday Animals

Everyday Animals is an exhibition of new ‘Dieoramas’ by Abigail Goldman. It is part of her ongoing exploration of violence and the undercurrent of rage that seems to be bubbling under the surface of our everyday lives.

This exhibition will run from Nov 14th - Dec 6th and will coincide with David Stoupakis' solo show Pendulum and Clare Toms' solo show  Parallel.

By miniaturising graphic horrors, she hopes to shock the viewer with contrasts: cute and creepy, dark and funny, vile and charming. Hopefully, these juxtapositions both challenge and amuse. Sometimes miniaturising rage through tiny dioramas is a kind of small-scale catharsis. Sometimes it’s a foil for our own dark desires and our private morbid fascinations. The figures in the dioramas are less than an inch tall; many works in the show can fit in the...

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