Clare Toms - Parallel

Parallel is an exhibition of new paintings by Clare Toms exploring the idea of parallels in energy states: a physical being exists at the same time as the nonphysical, the corporeal alongside an ethereal, intangible consciousness.

This exhibition will run from Nov 14th - Dec 6th and will coincide with Abigail Goldman's solo show, Everyday Animals and David Stoupakis' solo show Pendulum.

The works contemplate the parallel of death as both final and not at all final: the body may die, but the soul moves on. Love and memories stay in the hearts and minds of those who remain, urging the contemplation of just what death is. Life can’t exist without it, and yet the richness of ´life´ that a soul can have separately from the myriad physical forms over eons of time leads one to question the very finality of death.

The concept for this...

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