Adipocere – I do not exist

Beinart Gallery presents “I do not exist,” the debut solo exhibition of Melbourne-based embroidery artist AdipocereThis exhibition explores the unique relationship between a somewhat innominate artist and their artwork. At this showing, they present a wide allegory derived from a level of personal, physical separation to depict studies of abnegation.

Opening reception: Saturday, January 13, from 6–9 pm. Free entry.

This exhibition runs from January 14 to February 4 and runs alongside Mahlimae’s debut solo show, Lost souls of the Erlking.

Adipocere (Melbourne, Australia), a self-taught hand embroidery artist, primarily creates their imagery for the therapeutic catharsis evoked through the medium. Their work focuses on displaying what they refer to as emotional self-portraiture while operating within the confines of a constantly developing, overarching fiction, one with small roots in reality but using motifs and symbolism to delineate concepts such as martyrdom, asceticism, existentialism, and the eventuality of death. Adipocere is inspired by their environmental science studies,...

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