Mahlimae – Lost souls of the Erlking

Beinart Gallery invites you to walk among the “Lost souls of the Erlking” in the debut solo exhibition of Tasmanian sculptor Nicole Watt, aka Mahlimae. Hear the old whispers of a predatory spirit; feel the faceless malevolence formed from the damp earth and dark thickets in which he lurks, seeking out the vulnerable, ensnaring the childlike heart. This force of nature has carried several names across the centuries: Alder-King, Ellerkonge, Erlkönig…Erlking. Mahlimae lifts the veil of his black tale and reveals its rich symbolism in this exhibition.

Interview with Mahlimae.

Opening Reception: Saturday, January 13, from 6–9 pm. Free entry.

This exhibition runs from January 14 to February 4 and runs alongside Adipocere’s debut solo show, I do not exist.

With roots deeply entrenched in Scandinavian folklore, the ancient story of the Erlking has twisted its way through time, contorting and transposing with each telling before crossing the threshold to...

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