Adrian Cox – Awakenings

Awakenings is an exhibition of new paintings by Adrian Cox. The paintings of Adrian Cox chronicle the lives of the Border Creatures, a race of hybrid beings that inhabit the lush wilderness of the Borderlands. The Border Creatures exist in symbiotic harmony with the natural world. However, they are frequently antagonised by the Specters, beings of pure energy that casually burn the landscape that they walk upon.

Opening night: Saturday, April 6, from 6pm – 9pm. Free entry.

This exhibition runs from April 7 to April 28 and runs alongside Lukifer Aurelius’ solo show Inner Spaces and Gerard Geer’s solo show Tidepool.

In Awakenings, Cox expands his intricate mythology through a series of origin stories. Looking back to the earliest days of the Border Creatures, Cox reveals the sacrifices and trials that allowed a group of humans to transform themselves and their forest home. Simultaneously, this exhibition follows the quest of Penitent Spirit, a new being in...

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