Alex Louisa - Preternatural

Preternatural is a new series of paintings by Alex Louisa, inspired by her love of and fascination with birds and insects.

Opening reception: Saturday, Apr 23rd, 6 - 9pm.

This exhibition will run from Apr 24th to May 15th and will coincide with James Bonnici's show, Exotic Matter and Throwback, a group show celebrating 6 years of Beinart Gallery.

Louisa finds birds to be incredible, almost ethereal creatures. With this in mind, she chose to pair them with a setting to showcase this quality. The darkened, twisted peony petals in the background of this series of paintings create their own surreal landscapes for the birds to inhabit.

Insects have always been just as fascinating to her. Louisa loves to indulge in rendering every tiny detail in their wondrous wings, and in this series she has set them against an eye-catching background. The seemingly shifting marbled patterns celebrate the incredible...

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