James Bonnici - Exotic Matter

Exotic Matter is the latest collection of paintings by James Bonnici. This series subverts the representation of the physical world through a process of distortion, juxtaposition and manipulation of banal, everyday objects to transform familiar and recognisable forms into unsettling imagery. Through this process, ordinary figures, objects and scenes are imbued with a sense of rupture, evoking a strange otherworldly quality.

Opening reception: Saturday, Apr 23rd, 6 - 9pm

This exhibition will run from Apr 24th to May 15th and will coincide with Alex Louisa's show, Preternatural and Throwback, a group show celebrating 6 years of Beinart Gallery.

The disruptive nature and incongruities on display in this collection express the idea of the psychological intertwined with the physical, where emotional states such as fear, paranoia and disgust are embodied in the forms of these figures.

Fine, meticulous oil painting and drawing techniques make the disturbing imagery in this body...

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