Annita Maslov - Arcana

Arcana is a solo exhibition of new pen and ink drawings by Annita Maslov. These works are intended to inspire intrigue about the mysterious worlds the illustrations portray: worlds that involve the occult, preternatural beings and magic, with sometimes a subtle air of tragedy.

Opening night: Saturday, Nov 30, from 6pm – 9pm. Free entry. Maslov will be in attendance.

This exhibition runs from December 1 to December 22. It runs concurrently with the solo shows, Brian Mashburn's Present Tense and Erika Sanada's Hideaway.

The figures depicted in Arcana are not meant be ghoulish or morbid but instead are melancholy and vulnerable in nature. A reoccurring figure with a goat-like head and a female body is meant to exemplify this vulnerability with its name ‘The Outsider.’ Whether this figure is a manifestation of the concept of ostracism or a fantastical creature from a hidden realm is up to the viewer to interpret.


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