Brian M. Viveros - Apocalypse

Apocalypse is a personal series of new oil paintings by Brian M. Viveros, in which Viveros explores new ideas and themes with his DirtyLAnd Warriors in a world drastically changed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

This exhibition will run from Sep 5th - Sep 27th and will coincide with kelogsloops' solo show, The Dream.

The limited edition Apocalypse print has sold out. But we still have the signed and numbered artist's proof available, which was released in an edition of 6.

Viveros began this series just before Covid-19 hit; at that time, he was working on the first piece, coincidentally entitled ‘Changes'. Roughly a week later, the world as we knew it had changed. That time was very stressful for Viveros: his wife works in a hospital, and he lost his dog, Lola, in March. He didn’t feel sure of anything at that point. He continued to create while quarantined but...

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