kelogsloops - The Dream

The Dream is an exhibition of new watercolour paintings by kelogsloops in which dreams are explored: where do they come from, what do they mean, and why do we dream?

This exhibition will run from Sep 5th - Sep 27th and will coincide with Brian Viveros' solo show, Brian M. Viveros - Apocalypse.

Each work is a dive into the surreal, limitless and often liberating experiences that we encounter when we lay our heads to rest each night. The works are driven by the idea of transitions: how our dreams flow seamlessly from one nonsensical moment to another. Only in dreaming do we exist in a realm where we can find ourselves falling endlessly one minute and soaring through the skies the next. It’s in these few precious hours each night that we are no longer bound by the limits of the real world but instead become passengers of our subconscious, compelled to
ride the waves of...

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