Dos Diablos - The Empire of the Innocent

The Empire of the Innocent is a new exhibition of paintings by Dos Diablos. In this series, the artist tries to express innocence through contained anger, the wild and natural side that we carry with us and try to control, sometimes with success and other times when the wildness bursts out of us.

Opening reception: Saturday, August 19th, 6 - 9pm. Drinks will be provided by our friends at Jetty Road Brewery and Malocchio.

This exhibition will run from Aug 20th - Sep 10th and will coincide with Allen Williams' Under the WorldMeagan “Magpie” Rodgers' In a Fog, and group show Utopia | Dystopia.

To represent this feeling of anger, Dos Diablos added a childish element in the creatures and their animal union. For the artist, one of the...

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