Erik Thor Sandberg - What Follows

What Follows is an exhibition of new paintings by Erik Thor Sandberg, opening at Beinart Gallery’s new location, 307 Victoria St, Brunswick.

Opening reception: Saturday, February 27th, 5pm - 9pm.

This exhibition will run from February 28th to March 21st and will coincide with Annie Montgomerie's show, Railing Latchers and our annual group exhibition of Australian artists, Antipodes 2021.

In this series, the figures represent time. Movement enters into a few works, as it is linked to time directly. Sandberg thinks of the central figures as a person who has been through life, and the layers are different roles they played or reactions they had to what was thrown at them. They are blooming flowers showing their petals, each petal adding to the overall substance of the whole. Where a figure’s layers vary, Sandberg doesn’t assign a specific meaning or value; he prefers that the viewer...

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