Greg Olijnyk - The Contrivance

The Contrivance is an exhibition of hand made cardboard sculptures by Greg Olijnyk.

Opening reception: Saturday, August 21st, 6pm - 9pm.

This exhibition will run from August 8th to August 29th and will coincide with David Ambarzumjan's Brushstrokes in Time, Mr Everybody's A Nice Place to Sleep & Robert Duxbury's Misanthropic Paradise.

Interview with Greg Olijnyk.

The thing contrived, planned, or invented; a device, especially a mechanical one; an artifice; a scheme; a stratagem.

Greg Olijnyk’s sculptures turn the everyday medium of cardboard into fantastical objects. While this common material would seem to defy manipulation, Olijnyk manages to fashion it into sophisticated shapes and mechanisms. From a set of buildings where you...

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