Jennifer Allnutt - Spectre

Spectre is an exhibition of narrative paintings by Jennifer Allnutt which draw from the feeling of being haunted.

This exhibition will run from Jul 4th - Jul 26th and will coincide with Lucid and Sonya Palencia's solo show Invictus Nocturnum.

Spectre most commonly refers to a ghost, but it also refers to something that is menacing or feared. In her latest paintings, Allnutt explores the idea of being haunted by the spectre of a thought, an unsettling anxiety, by a traumatic event, by our past and by our own mortality. Allnutt presents these enigmatic narratives through traditional oil painting methods using the figure and botanical elements as symbols.

Jennifer Allnutt is a contemporary figurative artist based in Melbourne, Australia. She works primarily with oil paints on canvas and cradled wood panel.

Allnuttt is a lover of old master artworks from Bouguereau and Caravaggio to Hieronymus Bosch, and she is fascinated by poetry, mythos...

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